Frequent Questions

R./ The month of November it is not necessary to have both vaccines, but as of December 1 2021, you must have the complete schedule.
R./ Yes, you can take both formats, physical and digital.
R./ Yes, we are already in operation since September 16
R./ No, for entry no forms are required and reservations are not made. They arrive directly to the place and enter.
R./ Yes, we must abide by and obey the decree issued by the Governor of Antioquia. Applies to all tourists without any exception.
R./ Yes, it is necessary to present it for admission, otherwise you will not be able to enter the Tourist Center.
R./ Yes, download the biosafety protocol on this page. It is mandatory to enter with mouth face mask.
R./ Pets are not allowed except for persons with disabilities and require canine accompaniment which will be endured on prescription.
R./ it has different establishments of attention to tourists where they can buy different products and drinks.
R./ You should approach the ticket office and request a refund of your money as long as you have not registered your income from the registrar.
R./ the tourist site does not have any platform that allows you to make such payments, only in cash.
R./ Any child over one metre tall must pay their income.
R./ yes, it has a men's bathroom battery and another ladies' battery.
R./ We have two points of priority attention, one at the beginning of the ascent to the stone and another in the middle of the ascent, which are equipped with all the elements of priority care are also attended by paramedics, and in case of require transfer there is an ambulance service or in other instances with aeromedical transport.
R./ Once the entrance service is reactivated, tourists who climb to the top of the stone will be able to stay there for approximately 30 minutes in order to facilitate the entry of all tourists who visit the resort and wish to do so, this in order to guarantee biosecurity protocols.
R./ people who are under the effect of drugs are not allowed in.
R./ You will be able to approach the information office to request the notice of misplaced documents, through the local media, in addition to supporting the search with the security personnel.
R./ yes, you can do so at your own risk as an attendant.
R./ Special discounts are made only to educational, foundation and business campuses, according to the number of people. Please note that the tour must be requested in advance.
R./ The place has a variety of restaurants and cafés where you can rest and enjoy its products.
R./ doesn't handle agreements or contracts
R./ The respective checks of what happened are carried out with the accompaniment of the police, since the security service is in place, and if it is not found the appropriate judicial course will be continued.
R./ We have informational signs to announce to the driver not to leave belongings inside the vehicle. We are not responsible for those losses.
R./ You can contact the company in charge of mobile : 3208449227 or the mail: or , they organize everything in relation to the type of event, planning and assembly.
R./ In addition to climbing, we offer a helicopter flight operated by the company Helisky with capacity for 5 people, for reasons, these flights will be more restricted with less capacity.
R./ As long as their physical conditions allow it and after the checkup carried out by the paramedic or nurse of the place, and following all the necessary care and precautions.
R./ You can do this if you have a companion and at medical discretion.
R./ Entry would not be possible, including the group you travel with on transport.
R./ Yes, anyone can enter.
R./ hours is from 8 am to 5.
R./ No, only Colombian money