The history of climbing dates back to 1950 when the region broke the news that Argentine, Spanish and even Medellinense mountaineers had made several excursions trying to climb the monolith. Using manual rockets and light ropes they managed to climb approximately 35 meters, on the south side and as proof of this they bet a yellow flag which disappeared into the undergrowth, had failed in their attempt. But Mr. Luis Eduardo Villegas López was advanced to foreigners and in the company of his friends Ramón Díaz and Pedronel Ramírez, and thanks to the support of Father Alfonso Montoya Velázquez, who came to Guatapé to preach the patron saint festivities of 1954 the challenge was proposed. On Monday, July 13, 1954, they undertook the quixotic adventure embedding wooden steps between the walls of a crevice on the eastern side of the stone, five days later the dream came true, on Friday, July 16, 1954 at 6 and 30 pm hoisted on top the roida and sweat shirt of Luis Eduardo Villegasgas, in López sign of having conquered the top. The next day the shirt was replaced by the national tricolor.